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Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical Malpractice

Gelch & Associates, P.A. takes an innovative approach to medical and legal issues involved in medical malpractice cases. Attention to detail and careful case preparation have become hallmarks of the firm in this complex area.

The success of medical malpractice cases usually hinges upon medical research and demonstrative evidence. In medical negligence claims, as well as in personal injury claims with complex medical damages, it is necessary that medical records be carefully reviewed, interpreted, and evaluated. Furthermore, respected medical experts are called upon to analyze the records and to explain to the jury in a clear and understandable manner what went wrong and how the tragic medical mistake could have been avoided.

In addition, our team helps present the case through the use of innovative models, anatomical illustrations, computer simulations, and other materials which can help clarify complex medical issues. By the use of carefully prepared exhibits, we are able to make the injuries and pain suffered by our clients more understandable to the jury.

  • “I found Gary to be on top of his game, client centric with a well oiled staff to support the endeavor.”

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  • “Gary Gelch is extremely knowledgeable, communicative, has strong presence and a stellar reputation. He is results-oriented and knows how to explain complicated legalities in understandable terms so an average person is able to comprehend the matter at hand.”

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  • “Gary is an excellent attorney. His compassion and knowledge are second to none and he always seems to get the job done. Highly recommended.”

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  • “I highly recommend Gary Gelch and his associates. He and his team are highly professional but, also compassionate. I felt secure and confident in their abilities due to their informative and thorough nature. If you're in need of an attorney, look no further, this is your team.”

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  • “Incredibly professional and thorough. I highly recommend Gary and his team to anyone in need of help. They are informative and also compassionate.”

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  • “My experience with this firm was outstanding. I was guided step by step through the entire process and always felt secure. They kept me informed and made themselves available whenever I needed.”

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