Unpaid Overtime Law

Gelch Law – Unpaid Overtime

The Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) states that employees are owed time-and-a-half payment for any hours required or allowed in addition to the regular 40 in one week. Employers who violate this law are obligated to pay out back wages to their unpaid employees.

Non-Exempt and Exempt Employees

Overtime law is sometimes confusing, and the guidelines exist to help people determine if employees are non-exempt or exempt. Gelch & Associates, P.A. serves to help those FLSA non-exempt employees who are not receiving proper overtime payment.

Eligibility is determined by occupations, duties and wages not job title. Understand that some employers misclassify employees as salaried managers to avoid making overtime payments. If you believe you are being forced to work off the clock or under a misclassification, give our offices a call.

File Your Overtime Claim

If you’ve been holding off on filing your claim for unpaid overtime, understand that it might be a relatively simple process, especially if your employer keeps poor records of employee hours and wages. You could be very close to receiving damages to cover your overtime, including the proper time-and-a-half standard.

Don’t try to fight back on your own. The details of wage and overtime law are complicated and we don’t want you to miss out because you don’t understand the red tape. The lawyers of Gelch & Associates, P.A. are more than prepared to offer you support and legal advice throughout the entire process.

No one should go unpaid for overtime work. To learn more and make your appointment, contact us at 1-866-780-HURT. We’ll be ready and waiting to serve you!